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Woodrup Cycles


& Heritage

Woodrup Cycles is Yorkshire’s best-known and much-loved bicycle workshop. Established over half a century ago, it has catered to the needs of cyclists across the world and in doing so has earned a reputation for the finest quality craftsmanship.

Such was the reputation and legacy of Woodrup Cycles that it was important to approach a rebranding with delicacy. Woodrup’s legacy offered a great opportunity to build upon something great, but to compete with today’s upmarket cycle brands as well as appealing to their traditional audience, the brand needed a careful upgrading.

Covering all the bases

Woodrup had a number of unique selling points as a company that could help them stand out in a crowded and sometimes confusing market and there was great opportunity to tap into these. Although they had a current presence on web, flickr and Facebook, the brand lacked a strong social media presence that could help establish the brand and drive sales. Their presence was fragmented and needed greater cross platform integration and continuity of message. With internet and social media playing a dominant role in driving sales, it was important that Woodrup did not get left behind.

Yorkshire Soul

Woodrup is quintessentially Yorkshire, and with the region receiving great publicity as a cycling destination in recent years, there was an opportunity to establish Woodrup as a big part of the fabric of cycling. With Yorkshire’s rugged landscape and the reinvention of cities like Leeds into modern cultural centres there was a great visual language to tap into that hearkened to Woodrup’s local roots and at the same time built upon a narrative that’s appealing to a wider audience both nationally and internationally.


We created a brand new custom wordmark to be used across all Woodrup’s touchpoints, from bike frames to shop signage. Loosely spaced and elegant, with subtle serifs, it evokes a sense of history and tradition, while not looking out of place among modern cycle brands. Paired with a complete redrawing of the Woodrup family crest, the mark assumes a strong sense of heritage, quality and craftsmanship. Variations of the logo were produced which evoke traditional craft products. A visual language was developed that incorporates patterns inspired by custom shapes used over the years in Woodrup’s bicycle frames.

A major part of the brand’s new look is the careful selection of photography showcasing the beauty and rugged nature of Yorkshire’s cycling countryside – this is contrasted with bikes photographed in metropolitan Yorkshire centres such as Leeds, to demonstrate the breadth of relevance to Woodrup’s offering.


The result was a brand successfully captures Woodrup’s heart: they are a brand that straddles the gap between countryside and city, heritage and modernity, offering exquisite traditional craftsmanship to a contemporary audience.