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The Typist



The idea for the film came about as a result of a chance purchase of an old typewriter and a fascination for the intricacies and industrial qualities of these beautifully crafted machines. Combined with the very tactile nature of the old writing process, we wanted the film to capture a physicality and sense of significance that is somewhat lost in the modern age of communication.


Set in the 1930s and shot with a nod to film noir, our film follows a man through the process of writing a document on an old typewriter. Capturing the ebbs and flows of the writing process and the almost ritualistic habits surrounding the production of the document, the film is intentionally open ended as to the identity of our writer and his motives.


Shot with a close intimacy to the action, our film focuses in the minutia of the process, revealing snippets of time and leaving the viewer to make their own conclusions as to the significance of the action that has taken place.

A Lost Sentiment

We live in an age of constant communication and as such we have lost a level of significance that was once attached to the writing or receiving of letters. In the past people would often keep letters as a physical record of significant sentimental value. A very personal account of important events or relationships.

We wanted to capture that sense of importance in a way that conveyed the beauty within the process.