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Sports Branding


We love our sport at HelloYes and over the years the team has worked with some of the world’s biggest sports brands and organisations to create award winning solutions.

From creating broadcast packages for global sporting events such as, The FIFA World Cup, The Rugby World Cup, Africa Cup Of Nations, branding major sport channels across the Middle East and Asia, working with some of the world’s biggest football teams including Arsenal, Manchester City and Juventus, and working with acclaimed sports broadcasters such as BBC Sport and Eurosport, we have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge bringing sports brands to life.


Sport is without doubt one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world and our years of experience has given us a unique insight into how to create effective solutions for our clients.

Sports branding has always been a big part of our creative offering and we thought we would give a little taster of some the projects we have worked on more recently.


The Guardian’s sports department were keen to build its portfolio of video based content and part of this was the creation of pre games features for the Champions League. We produced this film for a match between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, the new El Clásico.

We were keen to design an end product that retained a strong adherence to the Guardian brand, whilst at the same time reflecting the brand vernacular of the Champions league. This created a look that was both an own-able aesthetic and also reflected the energy and vibrancy of the competition.


We were tasked with creating the brand package for ‘Time Out’ a new weekly highlights show, featuring the key action within the Saudi Basketball League. This show was part of a bigger rebrand of the league itself with the intent of building its profile nationally and internationally.

The creative focused on the critical aspect of time within the game of basketball and the importance of the Time Out period. So often a game of basketball is won or lost in the dying seconds of a match and we wanted to capture the excitement contained within the last throws of a game, as the clock ticks down to zero.


We also produced a comprehensive package of in programme sports graphics for the show..


We’ve had the pleasure of working on the official broadcast package for multiple FIFA tournaments including World Cup 2006, all Youth and Women’s World Cup’s and most recently for World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

FIFA wanted a match graphics package that brought to life the essence of the tournament and vibrancy of the host nation.

With such a large and diverse audience of over 3 billion people, the package needed to appeal to the broad variety of viewers and most importantly carry the information with clarity.

The package was also used by all global broadcasters, so it was critical that the design met with their expectations and those of their viewers.

This project was designed and produced whilst working at TILT Design.


We were tasked with the challenge of producing the first official broadcast package for the Ironman triathlon series.

The organisers were keen build public awareness of the event and the brand as a whole, thus creating a stronger marketable asset. Although the Ironman brand holds iconic status and retains strong recognition within the triathlete community, it’s recognition outside was limited.

We created a package that was uncomplicated and accessible, with the Ironman mark at its core. Taking this approach draws focus, allowing the brand to establish itself clearly over time.

This project was designed and produced whilst working at TILT Design.


We also produced a comprehensive package of in programme sports graphics for the show..


We were presented with the exciting opportunity of developing the branding for eight sports channels to be launched on Abu Dhabi TV’s new digital HD platform. ADTV had ambitious plans to become the leading sports broadcaster in the middle east, with the multiview opportunities and superior detail of the new HD service seen as key differentiators between themselves and their competitors.

The creative was built around the idea of expanded viewing and seeing more in the moment. Exciting moments within major sports were captured in super slow mo and combined with a zoetrope effect, whereby the movements of our sports personalities were repeated with time delay, creating beautiful trails of movement leading up to a key moment within each sport.

This project was designed and produced whilst working at TILT Design.


Infographic marketing film for the world’s largest dairy co-operative FrieslandCampina, showcasing their unique strategy for business.

Film follows a single animated line, conveying the interconnected nature of their operations and its ability to add value to their people.