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Financial Times

Building a strong partnership

The Brand

The Financial Times is an international news provider with a special emphasis on business and economic news.

Covering both domestic and international news, the FT is considered to be the world’s leading business read amongst most senior financial decision makers and is regarded as the most credible publication in reporting financial and economic issues.

Our Relationship

We have worked with the FT now for a number of years across multiple departments, helping them to brand their video content package, creating explainer films for a wide variety of financial & economic topics and working with their marketing departments to help communicate/convey/establish a wide variety of their B2B and B2C offerings/products.

Brand Guardians

The FT has a highly skilled and informed readership that relies on the FT for its high standards of content, analysis and factual accuracy. As such it is imperative that the creative solutions we put forward meet these expectations and reflect these high standards.

With a well established, globally recognised identity, we see ourselves as honoured guardians of this brand and always strive to protect this rich heritage, helping them to communicate in a manner that is in accordance with the brand’s personality.


Explainer film/Infographic created for the marketing department to help explain the structure of their corporate subscription service.

A consistent message

Part of the process of creating effective brand solutions is the ability to deliver these across a variety of platforms. Across the interactions you have with a customer there is a narrative that needs to be conveyed, often at different stages of the communication process and each of those create opportunities to tell your story. It is therefore important to have consistency in your messaging and also consistency in how that information is delivered. The solutions we put forward are designed to work across a multitude of potential touch-points, including video, email, mobile, interactive and print.


Working with the FT’s marketing department we developed their B2B com’s to help sell their corporate syndication offering through FT republishing, which allows companies to boost their own content marketing strategy through hosting relevant digital content from the FT. Companies purchasing FT republishing have access the FT’s leading content which can be shared across multiple touch points including web, social media, newsletters, video and publication.


With the launch of their new website the FT were keen to create marketing content that helped to sell/explain the new developments and the improvements implemented within the new design. We created this promo to sell the the new design and how the platform will work across desktop, mobile and tablet.


Infographic film created for the FT to help explain the importance of developing quality customer engagement and help drive reader subscription.


Branding for the Financial Times video content package. With video content playing a greater role in the FT media output, the task was to create a succinct visual packed which clearly enables for the identification of the individual video strands, whilst working with the current FT website look and feel.

This project was designed and produced whilst working at TILT Design.

Creating Distinction

As part of the online video package the FT wanted to categorise content across the key subjects they cover such as Markets & Investing and Life & Arts. We developed a secondary brand palette that could be used to create distinction between the key subject areas the FT covers and inform the viewer as to the area of focus within each video. Each colour was chosen to be reflective of the content they represented and also to work a consistent set.

It was great working with such a talented team. As video marketing was quite new to our department, HelloYes were great in collaboratively working through the creative process. They brought fresh ideas, challenged some of ours and suggested types of marketing collateral we can produce to optimise video views and most importantly, sales leads to our business.


"It was great working with such a talented team."